Friday, June 17, 2011

The White Prada

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What I love about white handbags, aside from their air of elegance, is that it's a form of white you can wear all year round - the spring season is the perfect time to start!

As much as the idea of trying to keep a white handbag clean completely stresses me out, there's something about white leather handbag that's just undeniably luxurious. I had always wanted to have the first experience to purchase a white designer handbag (I know it’s rare!) and now I got it in hand. It’s gorgeous and never found one that I really like with all the shape, functionality, etc..most importantly the soft buttery leather smell of Prada.  This is for my only one  Borneon diva darling, who has been waiting for this bag for months. Tadaa!!


I’ve mistakenly thought it was for the other handbag I ordered earlier but this one came first. I have 3 handbags awaiting to arrive, yes sadly it’s not mine..


As usual the Prada packaging is effortlessly 1st class! Wait till you see how they pack this white handbag…

Prada is known for its exquisite design, not in your face and are much understated. In fact, Prada handbags are available in many colours; this grained calfskin leather handbag with “Brevetto” handle features stylish but nicely edited details like buckles, gold hardware and shoulder straps.


It’s carefully packed and covered in a special felt material to protect the outer part of the bag.


Close-up of how it looks like…

We all know that Prada leather bag is well muscled, but for something that could be in the years of work, you know, it is a worthy purchase. It is a handbag that in the same way made in calf leather, which effectively appears elegant and versatile.


Dimension: L 36 x H 36 x D 14 cm


Sophisticated look , superior practical for daily carrying.


“Brevetto” handle features stylish but nicely edited details like buckles, gold hardware and shoulder straps.

This Prada grained calf leather handbag features a sophisticated look and is superior practical for daily carrying. It is available in seven colours,  and  combined with golden hardware for a touch of elegance and hand-stitched handles with waxed thread. A detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap offer your alternative options for carrying it on shoulders or not. Measured in a large dimension, it is ample in size to hold whatever you want to take along from day to night. Besides, the handbag has interior zip pockets for small items, such as pda, mobile phone and so on.


Grained calf leather with gold hardware


Prada logo lining & interior zip pockets for small items


Most importantly, the authenticity card!


The “Brevetto” grained calf leather tote bag


The white handbags are in the trend now!

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I do love they way Prada handbags are going so strong as well, and this one is certainly no exception. With its extensive selection of styles and shade choices, it must be the most liked when girls are choosing a new handbag. So what are you waiting for?