Friday, June 24, 2011

Love for Balenciaga


I love this photo – refreshing colour & excellent choice of outfit for morning walk. (Photo credits to

My eyes are currently stuck with Balenciaga Giant City bag. After seeing the recent colour of “Blue Royal” in the Rose Gold collection, I’m so amazed, definite YES - an “It-Bag”, ohh…swoon. I finally took the plunge and ordered the Blue Royal Rose Gold Giant City from Balenciaga! The service was excellent - I placed a pre-order last week and the bag arrived at my doorstep in 2 days time.


Yay, it’s out now! This is for our lucky diva – it will arrive soon Winking smile



The ‘Blue Royal’ colour is perfect for all season!


Soft vintage crafted lambskin with front zip pocket and leather framed hand mirror.

If you’re looking for a bag that will not make you look out dated once the trend is over, you’d be hard-pressed to make a better choice than a Balenciaga City Bag. And naturally, all of Balenciaga’s bags are just about as lightweight as any you’ll find on the designer handbags and very easy to carry (a Balenciaga fan now!).


Light pink gold hardware - interesting characteristic of this hardware is that the grooves of the thimbles are darkened to achieve that "vintage" look.


Removable shoulder strap 8.2'' drop


All of Balenciaga’s bags are just about as lightweight as any you’ll find on the designer handbags.


The inside zipper of the Giant City bag.


Apart from being the most coveted bag, the Balenciaga City bag is known for their colourful array of dyed leathers, but black is just classic and time-honoured. Balenciaga was one of the first brands to start the huge craze in the handbag world. The Fendi’s and Gucci’s preceded, but the Balenciaga craze was entirely new.


Celebrities love Balenciaga!


Alessandra Ambrosio & daughter Anja Louise was spotted heading to a local park in Malibu.

kimk003-1Nicky Hilton 2011_04_04_leavingRiteAidinBeverlyHills6

Kim Kardashian & Nicky Hilton with their Balenciaga City bags.

People scouring the world for the best colour, the right seasons leather, and the perfect combination. Celebrities went into a Balenciaga-bag wearing frenzy as well, only making the buzz surrounding the brand grow more. If you could only buy bags from one designer for the rest of your days, which bags would you choose?