Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Red Vernis Sherwood

lv london 6

LV London's Bond Street – ferris wheel ride! Can you spot the “Sherwood”?

It’s time to spruce up your fashion week wardrobe. Louis Vuitton has launched its new collection on Monogram Vernis colours this year and a new Monogram Vernis bag called “Sherwood”. I was told earlier this year, the Louis Vuitton pet name Vernis Sherwood energy is guaranteed to swarm oohs and aahs for all LV lovers and fashionistas!

20110320004418vuitton vernis sherwood

Embossed patent leather with shiny golden brass hardware

Sherwood inside

The latest Monogram Vernis bag, Sherwood, is available in PM and GM sizes and the popular colours now including Amarante and Pomme d’Amour.

I’ve read many reviews on this lovely Sherwood, and most LV lover can’t resist its feminine curved shape. The Sherwood Monogram Vernis leather is truly chic. It embraces delicate detailing and a spacious interior, making it the epitome of practical, everyday elegance.


Sorry folks, limited photos this time I had to use my mobile hp camera impromptu!


LV lover can’t resist its feminine curved shape.

Louis Vuitton outlet in London was overly crowded when I purchased this lovely Sherwood but it was truly a novelty ambiance to see most buyers were Malaysian. That was really an eye opener!


A quick snap shot while waiting for the SA.

Thank you again to our most lovely RM for having us to be your personal shopper. It was such a great experience and there's one thing that will make me go anywhere near a tourist-laden flagship of Louis Vuitton, it's the creative store windows in London’s Bond street.