Sunday, May 1, 2011

Found beauty!


Seriously, writing this post strikes so much joy and satisfaction. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only female who had to find something fabulous to wear on special occasion like a black-tie dinner, themed party or ball. And I think I would probably not be alone in saying that in fact it turned into a bigger task than finding my own dress!

Last month, we had a special request from our lovely diva to pick and find a her a beautiful outfit to stand out and look her utmost best on her special dinner party occasion.


For elegant, chic and wearable evening outfits, offered beautiful hijab-ready ideas.

We know it can be quite a daunting task to find an outfit and dress modestly in a formal occasion and "still fit in". I decided to take up the challenge and help her to hunt for the effortlessly chic dress.


Voilà I found it, the black evening dress with ruched effect on waistline and intricate beading details!


Mixed silk & taffeta fabric with tie-in sash

After days of finding the perfect one, at last voilà! I’m loving the A-line cut of this black number, I’ve chosen it mainly for the style that she can pair it easily with a hijab friendly inner wear. The dress has a flattering ruched effect on the waistline and intricate beading dazzles, while a textured pattern runs along the mixed silk taffeta fabric for an understated outfit.


She has uplifted the style of the dress in adding it with an embellished clutch to set off the beading and sleeve detail.



Thank you for choosing us dear, it has been a great experience!

She has uplifted the style of the dress in adding it with an embellished clutch to set off the beading and sleeve detail. Seeing our lovely diva in her hijab really proves that wearing a hijab doesn't mean that you have to dress like a boring old lady, you can be stylish too!

**We have just received testimonial from our diva Nomi, let's hear it from her ; (thank you so much!)

I'm very glad to have my dress consultation with Diva Darling - to pick and purchase a dress to wear for my uni grand dinner. I strongly encourage all readers to purchase Diva Darlings' dresses because they will help you from the beginning until you get the dress. You just need to give your measurement, design that you prefer and your budget to them.

Diva Darling will help you find suitable dresses according to your needs, figure and styles. They will give you photos that you can choose from and select the dress that you love the most. I deal with Diva Darling only through emails and Facebook but still I have a very good service from them. So, again, I strongly encourage you to buy from Diva Darling,you will never regret. :D

For your information, I've received the title for the most glamorous lecturer of the grand dinner night. Thanks to Diva Darling.