Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Longchamp Boxford–It’s Manly


Ventimiglia wearing a Gucci tie bar in GQ spread

Let's face it, ‘Men’, like women have lots of stuff that they need throughout the day. They have mobile phones, IPods, gym clothes and much more. Now with all the new gadgets like IPad and Kindle, men have started to carry around bags.


My husband told me he would never use a ‘man-bag’ (some called it a murse) and I laughed. I asked him if he was afraid people might think he is feminine. But many men are afraid to use a carry all. I think it’s funny that many men think that if they carry a bag people will think they are gay! Now this is so ridiculous!


I think it’s sexy to see a man with a bag (hope hubby doesn’t read this!). Depending on what kind of bag, for the obvious reason brings out the manly hood of a man. Ok, this entry is dedicated to all male readers out there (I know DD is dominated by female readers), and you can also get us to be your Personal Shopper!


The Longchamp Boxford briefcase

You can ensure yourself to look smart and sleek on-duty with this Boxford briefcase from Longchamp. The elegant case is crafted from canvas with leather trim and strap. The lined interior contains one large pocket with three dividers allowing you to organise your documents with ease.


Here comes the beautiful box from Longchamp!


I love the way Longchamp wrap the box, so meticulous.


This is a practical accessory from the French heritage brand.


Dimension: H 12cm, W 42cm, D 12cm

Do you need to carry both a laptop and files on a regular basis? Then the Boxford briefcase is an indispensable tool and a perfect solution to organise your necessities. An organised briefcase interior is a great time-saver rather than one having just a single pouch running the full length of the interior that quickly gets crammed full of stuff.


Inside features divider pockets and closure zip


The view from behind the briefcase


Composition of polyester canvas with trimmings in cowhide


Zooming in the intricate details and workmanship


Last but not least, the Longchamp itself…

Check out the Longchamp Boxford collection for men, comes in variety of bags that are perfect for travelling, going to work and for your weekend away.