Friday, April 29, 2011

The Eye Candy of Miu Miu


Apologies dear readers for the lapse in updating this site – just back from my long haul flight from UK. Having just arrived home, I’m still recovering from jet lag and slowly processing all that I saw, heard, smelled and ate. No biggie -more exciting news to come soon, yay!


The Miu Miu miniature mini handbags – aren’t they cute?

Bow Bags 003Bow Bags 004

Big thank you to the helpful SA at Miu Miu Glasgow outlet – he showed me the latest colour of spring/summer 2011

Bow Bags 002

Another new colours for Miu Miu Bow Bag

Bow Bags 001

Take advantage of the unlimited colour palette and explore the benefits of the eye-popping patterns that work magic with your wardrobe.

This year Miu Miu playing the game size, its unleashes a frenzied lust among fashionista who will beg, steal or borrow (and never return, wink!) to get their hand on the arm candy handbags.


One of my favourite-the Matelassé Nappa leather hobo


Proudly swing this off-the-wall arm candy at your side!

The latest Miu Miu 2011 Spring/Summer collection comes in various sizes, shades and also designs flaunting the versatility to the high fashion style. Take a peek at the complete array of Miu Miu handbags that would definitely leave you with a sense of fulfilment when ending your quest for the must-have spring/summer bags.


The most coveted Miu Miu handbag this Spring/Summer


Top handle Matelasse Nappa leather handbag in Pale Pink. Such a pretty shade!

I love the Spring-y, happy-go-lucky look of this Miu Miu Matelassé Nappa leather hobo. The smooth leather flap with handle threaded reminds me of Miu Miu signature bag –the Coffer, and the quilted stitching on this bag gives a dimensional quality and add character to an otherwise versatile hobo. Those who wish to stay true to their fashionista reputation should definitely try their hand at the stylish Miu Miu latest spring/summer collection, exploring their endless sides.

Don't you just love this season's bright Miu Miu colours? Contact us at for more details.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Hugs xxx