Monday, February 21, 2011

New Mulberry Edie


Everyone agrees that Mulberry is not just “a” handbag, a new family has been launched for spring/summer 2011, the Mulberry Edie bag, which will surely become an obsession for every fashionista. I had a quick glance at the new Edie last month (very tempted!), it is so stylish and timeless. It’s the perfect casual chic handbag after Mulberry Alexa and now ladies, time to move on and give way to this sensational and popular summer/spring Mulberry Edie bag.


A little bit of intro for this new Mulberry bag, it is named after “Little Edie”, the star of the Grey Gardens documentary and film of the same name, this is one of those handbags that makes your heart beat faster only when seeing it.


Sparkle Tweet in Oak

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Dimension for small Edie: 20x30x12cm


Large Edie bag – 36x24x15cm

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The quirky detachable guitar style strap with roses and 4 rabbits


Heavy Grain Powder Beige


Edie Campbell carrying an SS11 Edie bag


Poppy Delevingne and Casey Fremont (photo credits to

The Edie bag is a hybrid of iconic Bayswater and Alexa styles and focuses on two sizes of shoulder bag. Both feature the Mulberry signature lock, as well as the versatile top handle and detachable strap combination similar to the Alexa. The relaxed slouch and choice of finishes ensure that the bag can be worn casually from day to day, or as a stand-out luxury piece.


Patent Electric Blue Small Shoulder

My favourite Edie colour is the patent Electric Blue small shoulder, very vibrant colour and I love it! This Edie bag also available in Heavy Grain leather in Powder Beige, Black, Sparkle Tweed in Oak, and Haircalf in Light Peach for a luxuriously tactile and indulgent finish. Whoa, one more thing if you like to add more seasonal touch, the Edie Sparkle Tweed in Oak and Black comes with a detachable guitar-style strap, featuring a jacquard ‘rabbits and roses’ print – just a touch of whimsical floral inspirations.

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