Monday, February 7, 2011

Everyday Valentine’s Day


One of my favourite photo shoot with hubby – a nostalgic place Winking smile

You're spending a year together to plan a day celebrating your love, using all your creativity and resources to do so. And now you have to come up with a Valentine's Day present? Talk about pressure, huh! I'm the first to admit I'm not the most romantic person on earth. I DO believe that Valentine’s Day is over commercialised (nope, this post is not about ANTI-Valentine’s Day) and that people need a day to remember to show love to their spouses, family, partners, etc. and alienate single people by doing so.

I believe, we should show our love and compassion daily to our partners, our friends and family. Yes, EVERY day should be Valentine’s Day. I intend to share some ideas and gifts with you, and perhaps you can treat every day like Valentine’s Day and share your love, ok these are the first 10.

The little things – PART 1:


1. Leave a special note in your partner’s lunch box or briefcase for him/her to find when he/she is at work. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just something sweet – “Love you, miss you! See you at home!”


2. Along with the above idea, add a little something special that your partner can see everyday in the office or outside home, when they see a gift like (if your partner has an Ipad) – a swanky new Gucci Ipad casing. **

3. Wake up early and clean the bathroom while your partner is sleeping. They will be pleasantly surprised when they go in to brush their teeth.


The popular Kindle 3G wireless reading device

4. Show interest in something your partner likes, for example if he/she likes reading, you can surprise them by this cool gadget – Kindle 3G wireless reading device. **


Yum, my favourite sunny side up, toast bread and glass of orange juice.

5. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed! It doesn't have to be a Birthday or any special day, it is more fun if it is just a regular day so they don't expect it. I love this one, missing my hubby now! Sad smile

6. Send your partner a surprise email at home from work or vice versa and give him/her special treat or favourite thing of the month for example, a funky Lacoste Swerve Trainers ** or Gucci GG Twin Large Hobo. **

GG twinGG twin large hobo

Gucci GG Twin Guccisima Hobo

Lacost Swerve1Lacost Swerve

Lacoste Swerve trainers for men

7. Dedicate your partner's favourite song to him or her on the radio during a request hour.

8. Choose a special outfit for him or her and invest in some nice ones. You can even give a voucher for your partner to choose a beautiful made-to-measure dress for example, a special occasion from Diva Darling, wink! Also, don’t forget to choose a special Paloma groove cuff links for your partner from Tiffany & Co. **

18142058_l_over_1Paloma groove

Tiffany & Co –Paloma Groove Cuff Links

9. Compliment your partner. Really take a good look and compliment him or her on something real.

10. Don't be afraid to relax and be silly with your partner. Do something silly tonight- have a pillow fight or a tickle fight.

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