Friday, February 11, 2011

The Coverage & Backstage Beauty

Media CM

Media coverage from a columnist in ‘Utusan Borneo’ residing in UK attended the event last Friday.

Fashion is not just the clothing you wear or the accessories you own. Yes, it’s the majority of it, but its not just that. Fashion is self expression, to love fashion is to love ones self. When you create a new style and a new product, you create a new way for people to see themselves.

Michelle with her finishing touch and our model Chloe getting ready for the show.

Backstage before the show, Sherri and Victoria with their make up on. Smokin!

Lovely Eva with the gorgeous wedding dress Winking smile

Fashion is about putting yourself out there to be criticised, but not really caring what they say, when fashion is important to someone you can tell. I am passionate about fashion, I always have been. Believe it or not, I can’t draw but I can create a different look and perception to wear. I love fashion, and I love the creative aspect of it. There is no better way to express yourself than through fashion.

More close up photos of Sherri and the floral abstract dress in our next entry.

Gail and the purple ruffle dress, many compliments for this ensemble.

While I’m being philosophical here, I thought it would be good to share a moment with our recent fashion show event last Friday here in UK. It was a good event to remember and being the centre of the action, really a nerve-wrecking experience as I have to be the producer, the stylist, the advisor, etc . The whole team felt the heat and excitement, a week before the show. I’m so thankful I received full support from all my friends (you all know who you are my lovely ladies), my assistant- Katie, the styling team – Nici, Michelle & Gillian, the photographer – Rob of Celtic Shadows Design, our coaches and mentors – Daniel & Victoria, the catering crew, the models – Eva, Victoria, Kannikha, Julie, Gail, Sherri, Kirsty, Megan, Chloe and our DJs – Kojo and Yuri. All of you have done an excellent job!

Eva wearing the Bebe –Kim Kardashian electric blue jump suit. Hot babe!

The guests were invited to an after party, hosted by our DJ Yuri from and they enjoyed a whole array of Malaysian food and nibbles! We received many interests and compliments for our collection. Hence, we are going out again for another event next Wednesday 16th Feb, “Be Gorgeous” – Ladies Night at the G Casino, Aberdeen from 6pm to 10pm. Meet us there for the glitz and glam!!

Ladies, you can track down our collection after this entry from our photo shoots. Stay tuned with us! Have a nice weekend.

Hugs xxx