Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chanel Lover


We have received so many queries on Chanel handbags lately and to all fellow Chanel lovers out there, Diva Darling would like to share this really HOT entry you are going to love!

For those who wants to purchase ‘LIKE NEW’ Chanel handbag, please continue to read on and scroll down to the next paragraph. The best ever deal that you will not find anywhere else.


The Chanel Jumbo Caviar in Silver Hardware (Maroon)

Price: RM10,500 (SOLD OUT!)


The Chanel Jumbo Caviar in Gold Hardware (Beige)

Price: RM10,500

Presenting the beautiful Chanel Classic Jumbo that I absolutely adore! It’s the perfect classic handbag that will last forever. A truly timeless piece and I don’t think it will ever go out of style. These Chanel Classic Jumbo belongs to a dear friend of mine, she’s my Jedi master and Guru of all designer handbags. I have all my respect to her, I’ve never seen anyone I know take a good care of a bag like she did. Grab it while you can and drop us an email to order!


The Chanel Classic

Don’t let the current economic climate kills our passion in fashion. Let’s be a savvy fashionista, continue to follow the latest trends without denting our purses.

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Have a nice week everyone! Hugs xx