Monday, January 31, 2011

So Surreal!


I devoted the afternoon to fine-tuning my models wardrobe and chose this stunning wedding dress for Eva. This shot was taken by me, so pardon the lightings, angle & blah blah.

It's 'the day after' and I am utterly exhausted…We spent yesterday morning with our professional make up artist, Nici Tait (in her studio –thanks Nici, you are a star!) and Michelle Thornton getting ready to our adventurous photo shoot session with Joanna’s crew from Orange-Lemur at the Winter Gardens, Aberdeen.

The best word I can think of to describe this experience is “Surreal”. Emotions have run the gamut this week, a true roller-coaster event! Having only few professional photo shoot experiences before I had no idea what to expect. With this in mind, I've decided to give you a day random shots of happenings as a way to share my own personal experience . ENJOY!


The photographer & crew getting Eva ready for the next shoot.


I love this angle with V wearing the Minerva style wedding dress – Thanks V!


More photos of the wedding dresses soon! I missed out Gail and Julie’s session and they are not in this pix. We will put more wedding dresses with our beautiful and stunning models next week. Stay tune!


Eva with our fuchsia ruffle dress – we received a lot of compliments for this dress.


While waiting for the rest of the models to arrive, this is what I did!


They are gorgeous, we are proud to present our models and final pieces for the fashion show. Miss Kannikha, Miss Sherri & Miss Chloe –thank you!


Get ready, set go – time is running out, we had to rush before the place shuts.


Before I dashed out like mad to pack things up at the changing room.


I can’t wait to see the photos from Orange Lemur. Sorry girls, time doesn’t permit us to take single shoots, we will have another session soon!


Sherri with my favourite piece and everyone loves this green evening dress!

A true learning experience, that was amazing, exhausting and unforgettable, and filled with a kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings! Katie and I would like to say big thank you to all and making this photo shoot happens. We look forward to seeing how our story continues...! See you all in our fashion show this Friday, 4th Feb 2011.

Shoot Credits:

Photographer: Joanna & crew from
Producer: Caroline Maroh – Owner & Consultant of
Production Assistant: Katie Henderson – Editor & Coordinator of Diva Darling
Make Up Artist: Nici Tait of

Make up Artist: Michelle Thornton of

Hair: Nici and Michelle

Location: Winter Gardens, Aberdeen UK
Models: Chloe, Eva, Gail, Julie, Kannikha, Sherri, and Victoria.