Thursday, January 27, 2011

Le Pliage Arbre de Vie


In case you are wondering what is ‘Arbre de Vie’ (ah-ber-duh-vee) means, the ‘Tree of Life’ translated from the French lingo, a kind of evergreen foliage admired by the French.


The latest limited edition of Le Pliage ‘Arbre de Vie’

Available in stock now! Grab them while stock last.

Colours: White (Medium/Long Handle) & Navy (Small/Long Handle)



Ok, to all Longchamp lovers out there, after a much awaited preview Longchamp finally releases the Spring/Summer 2011 the highly anticipated Le Pliage ‘Arbre de Vie’. This new design from the Le Pliage line showcases a brightly-coloured feathered flock of birds perched on a gracefully rendered tree that somehow occupies almost the entire space of the front of the bag. It seems as a beautifully-lain art piece on top of the bag’s sturdy waterproof nylon material.

Arbre de vie

Brightly-coloured feathered flock of birds. Isn’t it out of the ordinary?


I love the darker version of the Arbre de Vie too!


The Tree of Life – expresses the joy and beauty of living

Unlike the other previous renditions of the Le Pliage collection where designs were printed on the bag’s material, the Arbre de Vie stands out this time simply because the colourful birds are actually embroidered onto the material, making it a total stunningness.


The close up of the real work of art. Look at that beautiful embroidery!


The concept of embroidered fashion with the gorgeous ‘Tree of Life’ itself, expresses the joy and beauty of living and it is intricately designed to brighten up the day of anyone who is carrying this bag or amazing art on her shoulder. This is another addition of my growing collection of Longchamp bags.