Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just a bit of something..


Photo courtesy of Christopher Halloran Photography

If you have been following our entries or you may have noticed, we had a Timeless Pieces contest couple months ago. The most unusual and unique item reflecting the owner’s emotion won a special prize from us – bright and spacious red Longchamp Le Pliage. Wink!

She gave us her personal entry on the prize she had received and let’s hear a little bit of something from her…


Do you remember that I told you, I won a contest? Yeah, I’ve got a parcel from UK yesterday. Can’t wait to open..


I thought if the parcel arrive by last Friday, i might be able to use it during the wedding of a relative. It does not matter anyway..i got it just before i set off for holiday.. yey!

It has been such a long time that i have not participate in any contest or win anything. I am really lucky this time, thank God.

Thank you Diva Darling for the present.. out this site k..i bought some stuff here at

Note from the sender


Ahha…A Red Longchamp bag!


24122010139Suitable for travelling..Lightweight, durable, spacious and foldable


A note for the diva ;p

Thank u so much & Happy Holiday to u..

To all our loyal readers and fans, stay tuned for upcoming events and prize giveaways in the near future. So excited!

Hugs xxlove