Friday, January 7, 2011

January Surprise!


Yes dear readers, we have a surprise for you in today’s Diva Darling entry brought to you from Manchester! For cool, posh mummy and stylish executive ladies out there, watch this - you are going to love it!


The complete set of Anya Hindmarch Oakley tote

Dimensions: 42.5 x 28 x 16.5 cm

Price: RM1,400 (including delivery) - IN STOCK NOW!

Oakley close up

Sleek and posh Oakley tote


Smartly labelled pockets – too cute for words!

Who wants to look stylish, while taking care of your baby with this crimson red posh tote bag from renowned bag designer, Anya Hindmarch. This is the perfect choice if you want a sleek and chic diaper bag. What I love about this bag, it comes with a nifty changing mat, a removable “nappy” bag, and SMARTLY labelled pockets with terms like “bibs, “bobs”, “bottles” and “books”. It was just too cute for words!


Versatile foldable diaper mat


The ‘bibs’ and ‘bobs’

While the bag doesn’t broadcast “mommy”, at the closer look it shows that you are proud and looking posh to tote your little ones goods. This Anya Hindmarch bag also comes with a cute little roll out diaper mat for you to change your baby on and adorable little bag to keep the nappies in. It also comes with striped shoulder strap that can be used to hang the bag from your stroller. What an investment, right?


Unique-looking Anya Hindmarch Nevis Tote

Dimensions: 32.5x33x14.5 cm

Price: RM1,300 (including delivery) - IN STOCK NOW!


Nevis is all about compartments and pockets


Shiny red exterior

Another surprise is the unequivocally versatile – Anya Hindmarch Nevis Tote for the stylish working lady. Blair Waldorf of “Gossip Girl” carry this cool unique-looking Nevis tote in purple. As a tote, it is functional and practical as a designer handbag, it’s just forever chic carry all bag.


Two deep pockets on the front & long one at the back


Leighton Meester carrying Anya Hindmarch Nevis in purple colour

The most exciting feature for those organise-holic ladies, the Nevis is all about compartment and pockets. We are used to have only one main compartment, but Anya believes that isn't enough. She added two deep pockets on the front and another long one on the back for more storage room. The shiny red exterior is glamorous and guaranteed to attract compliments. The signature Anya bow completes this handbag's chic look.