Saturday, December 4, 2010

Timeless Piece Winners


Since October we’ve been running our Timeless Piece Contest. It’s been a fabulous competition, with readers sending in their timeless pieces and the stories behind them. It just goes to show that in the fickle world of fashion, there are some items worth treasuring forever.


Thanks to all our readers who shared their stories with us. A Timeless Piece is something very personal and it was lovely to read so many letters about clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and trinkets, and how they come to represent very important times in our lives.

Unfortunately we have to choose a winner, a very difficult task when every story we received was worthy of the prize. Therefore we have chosen two winners, the first prize is the Longchamp handbag and the second is a cash prize of RM100.

We awarded the first prize for the object that was the most unusual and unique, an item which reflects its owner’s emotions. The prize goes to our Diva Harnida, yay! and her music box, it truly is a Timeless Piece.

The second prize is being awarded for a piece of jewellery which means something to more than one generation. This prize goes to our Diva Suriati and her necklace which is a timeless piece to three generations of the family. This story demonstrates the meaning of timelessness perfectly. Well done to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

We will be running another competition very soon, just in time for the holiday season, so look out for that. Have a nice weekend!


Just me happily jumping and the rest of Diva Darling crew! xxx