Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mad Boxing Day


We had an early morning trip to Manchester on Christmas day and it was Baltic as usual. Overall, ohhh I love Manchester! It is probably one of the best cities for shopping in the country and I kid you not, Manchester city centre and The Trafford Centre were open for business from 7am with cash registers ringing to the tune of tens of thousands of shoppers.


Busy morning in front of Selfridges on Boxing day


Outside the New Chapel Street

We were on time to arrive Selfridges but not early enough to grab our shopping spree list. What a shock! I couldn’t even go near to my sad looking Prada and Louis Vuitton handbags.The savviest shoppers had finished their trolley dash in time for Selfridges, in Exchange Square, crowds stormed the store, heading straight for the Gucci concession and mountains of designer handbags with up to 50 per cent off.



Off to Trafford Centre


Photographer a.k.a the hubb -is trying to shoot something and I don’t think it’s my hair.

Mulberry handbags were thrown away like vegetables on the display table and I was thinking, WHATTT!!! I can’t find the Daria satchel in Selfridges and it’s the same in Trafford Centre. I managed to grab a gorgeous looking Karen Millen white winter coat (will post it up tomorrow hopefully, wink!) and accessories for my next fashion show/ party. I will let you know more about this one soon.


From the main foyer level – it’s like a shape of a ship!


Before we indulged our tasty lunch…


Nom nom, it’s completely gone now

We were impressed with the main foyer of Trafford Centre – designed like a ship and really, it’s a good idea to bring your kids here to relax on the deck! The best thing here when you are missing food from home, you can find amazing restaurants for Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai food.


Magnificent chandelier


Ok folks, I’m going to hunt more things tomorrow in Birmingham and catch up soon!