Thursday, November 11, 2010

State your love with LC


Just when you thought that there would be no more limited editions of Longchamp you should purchase, the Bugs special edition appears and takes your breath away. My close friend and I agree we need some sort of medical assistance program similar to drug rehabilitation when it comes to handbags!


Sold out in Europe!

This special Bugs Edition of Longchamp is definitely my first choice to bring for holidays. I love this versatile bag that can be folded and tuck into my luggage bag. It also helps that its waterproof so I can be sure that important documents in my bag would be safe from the rain. It’s a very durable bag; my Le Pliage bags already few years old and still in tip top condition. Did I mention that it’s so spacious that I can fit my netbook, wallet, umbrella, makeup bag and other knickknacks in it?


Longchamp Le Pliage Bugs Limited Edition

* 1 main compartment with zipper opening
* 1 flat pocket on back (inside)
* Dimension : 25 x 25 x 14 cm
* Colour : Graphite


If you don’t know what to ask your boyfriend/husband/dad (or even hinting to him what you want) for a gift this Christmas, maybe this post will come handy for you. The Longchamp Bugs Special Edition has been carried by women worldwide because of its simplicity. With wide arrange of colours that will cater to anyone’s taste, and different sizes for all occasions, it’s no wonder that it is still carried by many women and become even more popular nowadays. I heard they sold this bag really fast in Paris and London. The lady bug on the tote bag is just too cute to pass, don’t you think?


Longchamp seen with Schiffer, Ivanka Trump, Lou Doillon