Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Intricate Beauty–Timeless Pieces Story


Tiffany & Co fresh collection

Do you have a special ring? My special ring makes me wish that all my rings had little surprises inside …mmm like candy or gum. I will try to keep my personal choices out of any conversation because jewellery like a ring is very personal. The possibilities are endless, really. What would you want in your dream ring?

This week Timeless Pieces Story is all about a beautiful rose ring and thanks to our Diva for sharing her personal story. It seems to be getting interesting these days with story like this and we love it. Let’s hear it from her, enjoy folks!


“Have you seen anything as delicate and intricate as this? This is one of those rare moments when humans could replicate the beauty of nature so well. This rose ring is handmade by a Taiwanese jewellery artisan using artistic wires (on my requirements as I am too lazy to clean tarnished pieces) and it was love at first sight.


Just looking at it, you'd already feel the petals blooming. It is such a versatile piece - I've worn this to formal functions, presentations, casual dinners and it never fails to draw the oohs and the ahhs. If you need to break the ice, wear this! For me, this is certainly one unique timeless piece!”