Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Necklace - Timeless Pieces Story

The following entry was sent by one of our lovely reader about her little boy's favourite necklace. An important item can mean something to your whole family and that a “Timeless Piece” can hold lots of happy memories.

There are lots of gifts in this world that we can give to our mum and one of them is to tell what makes her so special. The Timeless Piece story this week shows us that there is no amount of gold could ever compare to the gift of love that the child shares.


I would like to tell about my mum’s Timeless Pieces which is a sweet little necklace. Why I think this necklace is so special to my mum because it’s a gift with a love from her mum (my grandma) since she was born. Next month on 25th November, she’ll turn 32 years old. Means that, the necklace also will become 32 years old. But it still looks good like a brand new.

Last time, my mum lost one of the ‘bead’ of her necklace. She felt so sad and guilty to her mum. She tried very hard to find the same ‘bead’ in the jewellery shops. However, she found out that the design of the necklace is no longer sold in market. Then she decided to find a new replacement for the missing ‘bead’ which is quite similar to the original design.

I personally like my mum’s necklace. I like to play with the necklace. Sometimes I ask my mum to put it around my neck.

During my breast feeding time, I like to touch and hold my mum’s necklace. It’s part of the stimulation process which I would normally end up feeling sleepy while “milking” and finally slept on mum’s lap.

I don’t know how could my mum live without her beloved necklace. Same like me, I can’t imagine how my life would be without you mum. I love you very much. How I wish one day I’ll buy my mum a very nice necklace as nice as her mum’s gift."

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