Saturday, November 6, 2010

Contemporary Wedding Dress

aire_barcelona ROSA CLARÁ bridal gown

Contemporary wedding dresses are now great in demand. According to latest market trend for contemporary wedding dresses, a mixture of organza, stretch fabric, and chiffon material is used. It gives the wedding dress a frilly look but at the same time provide better support for drapes and layers which adds a fairy look to the dress design.

Rosa Clara Bridal Veil 3

The fusion of chiffon and organza forms excellent party wear. By texture organza is crisp and translucent type of fabric; on contrary chiffon is soft and body hugging type. A set of frilly evening gown and top with chiffon base and organza layer is an excellent ultra-feminine outfit for any evening party because this unique fabric combination will create a gorgeous but romantic look on the user.


This Grecian-inspired contemporary ivory wedding dress with bronze beadwork is from a selection by Amanda Wakeley at the Designer Wedding Show

contemporary wedding_dress

Photo courtesy of Cosry design

Chiffon is one of the most popular dress materials for wedding gowns and there are lots of gorgeous dresses designs available in designer dress showrooms as well as in online stores. Modern designers now often prefer to make a beautiful wedding gown with chiffon material following Greco-Roman style for bestowing a chic-look for the bride on her special day and chiffon fabric is the best dress material for this ort of body hugging but soft and manageable wedding dress.


Exquisite design with all the necessary “ingredients”

The latest trend and wedding dress designs combine in a very radical and exceptional way all the necessary “ingredients” that can make a wedding dress the perfect wedding dress for any bride: romance, sensuality, elegance, style, simplicity, naturalness, sophistication, formality, drama, uniqueness, attractiveness, femininity and innocence.


01 Mod 96375 01201 Mod 96375 024

01 Mod 96375 053

This fusion wedding dress combines elegant light weight fabric and jewellery with precious stones. The collection from Spanish designer is always trendy and beautiful year after year, the dress is designed to create a lasting memory because they become part personal history and waiting to be inherited to future generations.


HS4367 pravia (299)

HS4367 pravia_bHS4367 pravia-1

“Pravia”is an elegant strapless column, a small sweep train and a lovely modern corsage detail on the waist.The flower embellishment is also made in a very refined and softer to the eye style and attract all the eyes in a room without trying too much, without being ostentatious or too strident and flashy. A good idea for the ceremony, then you could whip it off for the party.


LB1936 Iman (279)

LB1936 Iman 2

LB1936 Iman 3

Althea, is my top three choice of a classic look that I love most. Satin AND lace…it’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! That neckline combined with the 3/4 sleeves are to die for. I love the lace overlay and of course…adding a touch of ultra feminine hair rosette is pretty fantastic as well.


LB1967 frase (349)LB1967 frase

LB1967 Frase1

Head-to-toe regal lace flows with romance in its trumpet form in this wedding dress. The exceptional and very distinctive scallop, strapless neckline create a modern, but classy edge to the bodice to embody the chic style of the Spanish designer. The very intricate waist sash on adds a very simple dramatic twist to amplify the couture feature.


06 MOD P E  810845 01006 MOD P E  810845 101

06 MOD P E  810845 036

A lovely beauty of romantic ruffle, “Babelonia” is an ivory, scoop neckline, mermaid and floor –length dress. Embellishments include applique, beading and ruffles. This glamorous wedding dress may just be the one!