Monday, August 23, 2010

The Love of Louis Vuitton

Just to have your own personalised LV is truly overwhelming

Diva Darling loves Louis Vuitton! Their bags are the ultimate in luxury and no designer captures the essence of extravagance quite as successfully, whilst also placing such great importance on sophistication. The impact created by the signature monogram canvas is allowed to take centre stage due to the clean lines of the bag’s silhouette. The woman with the Louis Vuitton bag on her arm is one classy lady!

If you’re looking for a classic Louis Vuitton bag then the Speedy 35 is the one to choose! Why LV Speedy? It's timeless!! It captured the heart of every women'. With various style options the bag can be a form of self-expression and independence as well as being a nod to celebrity culture.

Few bags have been as popular and enduring. Just look at the long list of celebrity owners (models, actresses, singers, from Rihanna to Jessica Simpson this is one popular style!) on purchasing a Speedy you’ll be in very good company. The simple design is attractively practical (a very good reason to own one!) and spacious, making it perfect for work, travel, and leisure. It’s beautiful and understated- most definitely a bag for every occasion! (I want one!)

If you’re looking for a bag that is a little more feminine, but are still looking for something as sophisticated as the Speedy, the Palermo PM is the perfect choice.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Palermo PM

It’s softer design is girly yet simple and it has a beautifully stitched leather shoulder strap, so you can wear it across a pretty tea dress and pea coat, it’s perfect for an autumn wardrobe inspired by days gone by (thank goodness the autumn/winter collections are bursting with vintage gems!).

Whichever Louis Vuitton bag you choose , it’s sure to give you years of enjoyment- the stunning quality and wow factor makes even the most mundane outfit sparkle! Going to Edinburgh this week to hunt - LV bag.

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