Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Temptations

I'm eyeing for Miu Miu Coffer Red handbag and very tempted to buy one. (help!! ) It's a classic icon of Miu Miu that will not go on sale ever. Well thanks to Prada!

Miu Miu (high fashion brand from the Prada fashion house) knows how to do whimsy for a grown-up like me, which is why I always fall in love with the label's bag. Maybe I will just commit to one big purchase this season and forego all the other little temptations that eventually add up. Maybe Mrs. Prada would be kind enough to send me a pair? Wink! Oh right, I forgot, I'm not a grey-haired 13-year-old fashion prodigy. This purchase is going to require some serious strategising. Any preloved or preowned 'AUTHENTIC' Miu Miu Coffer Red will be my next hunting!

Ok enough on my temptation, switching back to the real thing. How many of you out there, would spend a bomb to buy an outfit you intend to wear for work? You wouldn't want to be ridiculed for being overdressed in corporate style. For some work places, jeans and tees fit into the dress code, whereas for others they may have to be in blazers and heels all day to meet clients or to attend meetings.

Rule of thumb to remember, it's always best to observe your organisation's culture or check what is acceptable. How I wish to be in Prada house!

Diva Darling Boutique

Aug-S1:: love Teal Silk Bow Neck Top

Material: Silk

Size S: Length -60cm, Chest -72cm, Sleeve- 39cm
Size M: Length -62cm, Chest -76cm, Sleeve -40cm
Size L: Length -64cm, Chest -80cm, Sleeve -41cm

Colour: Teal

love Price: RM90 (including shipment)

Aug-S2:: love Stylish Black Pleats Jacket

Material: 35% Polyester and 65% Silk

Size S: Length -52cm, Chest -72cm, Sleeve- 53cm
Size M: Length -53cm, Chest -76cm, Sleeve -54cm
Size L: Length -54cm, Chest -80cm, Sleeve -55cm

Colour: Black

love Price: RM86 (including shipment)

Aug-S3:: love 3/4 Sleeve Stripy Executive Dress (with Belt)

Material: 85% Cotton and 15% Silk

Size S: Length -86cm, Chest -70cm, Waist- 70cm
Size M: Length -88cm, Chest -74cm, Waist -74cm
Size L: Length -90cm, Chest -78cm, Waist -78cm

Colour: Black/White

love Price: RM94 (including shipment)

Aug-S4:: love Lovely Pearl Embelished Top

Material: Cotton and Chiffon

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Small & Medium)
Length -57cm, Chest -90cm, Sleeve -56cm, Shoulder -36cm

Colour: Apricot

love Price: RM55 (including shipment)

Aug-S5:: love Flower Brooch Victorian Dress

Material: 53% Polyester and 47% Cotton

Size S: Length -86cm, Chest -70cm, Hip- 90cm
Size M: Length -90cm, Chest -74cm, Hip- 94cm
Size L: Length -94cm, Chest -78cm, Hip- 98cm

Colour: Black/White

love Price: RM94 (including shipment)

Aug-S6:: love Black Versatile Cardigan

Material: 80% Cotton & 20% Nylon

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Small & Medium)
Shoulder-36cm, Sleeve -50cm, Chest -78 cm to 96cm, Length -55cm

Colour: Black

love Price: RM58 (including shipment)

Aug-S7:: love Crystal Embelished Soft V-Neck Dress

Material: Polyester

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Small & Medium)
Shoulder-35cm, Waist -82cm, Sleeve -59cm, Chest -59cm

Colour: Black and Grey

love Price: RM87 (including shipment)

Aug-S8:: love Bat Wing Executive Tunic (Plus Size)

Material: Cotton

Size L: Length -79cm, Shoulder -38cm, Chest -88cm, Waist -80cm to 110cm

Size XL: Length -79cm, Shoulder -40cm, Chest -96cm, Waist -88cm to 118cm
Size XXL: Length -79cm, Shoulder -42cm, Chest -104cm, Waist -96cm to 126cm
Size XXL: Length -79cm, Shoulder -44cm, Chest -112cm, Waist -104cm to 134cm

Colour: Black, Red and Blue

love Price: RM76 (including shipment)

Aug-S9:: love Flowy Silk Executive Skirt

Material: Silk and Polyester

Size S: Length -47cm, Waist -65cm, Hip -85cm
Size M: Length -48cm, Waist -69cm, Hip -89cm
Size L: Length -49cm, Waist -73cm, Hip- 93cm

Colour: Blue, Grey and Black

love Price: RM78 (including shipment)

Aug-S10:: love Ruffle Front with Black Lace Skirt (One piece)

Material: Polyester and Lace

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Medium to Large)
Sleeve -58cm, Chest -90cm, Length -78cm

Colour: Pink and Beige

love Price: RM80 (including shipment)