Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting Personal

You must be thinking of something more than personal when you see the title above? Intriguing as it may sound, it' s something that I am really excited about.

If you have read entries written by Redmummy and Cheesie (thank you to both of you, dear!), you will definitely know my new venture in Diva Darling. Yes, a Personal Shopper and this idea is being inspired by Redmummy -the knowledgeable Red Diva. We share the same passion and realising the fact that staying in Britain will give me all the access to the top designer shops in the world. This is the ultimate reason and it's something that I've always been doing --finding trends, fashion, shopping, putting things together and knowing what someone else will like, what they can wear and MOST IMPORTANTLY, what will make them look good and feel good.

A personal shopper is a feel-good job, you get the chance to create something wonderful to other people and make them happy while using the talent and doing something that makes you feel happy.

Next week will be an exciting venture and journey for Diva Darling. We are going to Italy!! The Eternal City, Rome is the most enchanting place to go and I will definitely squeeze my time to do my personal shopper job there and hunt for these designer shops! If you have anything in mind and interested to get authentic designer stuffs in Italy, UK, US, I will be delighted to help. Just ping me an email or leave you request in our website.

Recommended links to go for Italian designers:

If you would like me to find specific design of clothings and shoes that are rare and difficult to find in Asia, I will also offer my service to search and deliver it to you.

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