Friday, June 18, 2010


Unless you are a descendant of the Princess of Arabia, there will be time when you would have opened your wardrobe and sighed, "I have nothing to wear". Even after emptying the wardrobe and piling it on your bed. All you can find is a collection of different coloured clothes which you have worn like a thousand times over.

You don't have to rush to the nearest boutique to get a new outfit. Actually, you don't have to own hundred of outifts to make statement unless of course you are a celebrity (how i wish!!). The trick lies in matching the clothes.

It is always fun to reinvent your look by mixing and matching your clothes. You can browse through the internet for interesting combinations and try coming up with an outfit that resembles that. Once you get the hang of it, you can already make your own combinations. It's always best to get the balance of 'fashionable' and 'comfortable'.

The secret to dressing well on budget is to have a small group of mix and match clothes in your wardrobe which coordinate well in colour, fabric, and shape with all the pieces interchangeable. It becomes a perfect capsule of clothing, created by you for yourself.

Dig out the accessories. A great way to breathe new life into a wardrobe is through accessories. Try belts in a variety materials, patterns and belt everything from cardigan sweaters, dresses and or a basic button-down shirt. The possibilities are endless.

The power of Mix n Match is something you'll have to master by yourself to survive in the fashion world ^o^.

Have fun with our compilation of outfits and I'm sure definitely there will be one that you like most!

Diva Darling Boutique

MM June -01:: love Pleated Pendants Shoulder Sleeveless Dress

Length: 86cm, Chest: 110cm, Shoulder: 45cm
Best Fit: Size M-L (UK8-UK10)
Colour: Black

love Price: RM85 (including shipment)


MM June -02:: love Red Sleeveless Neck Zipper Dress with Belt

Size S: Length - 80cm, Chest: 70cm, Shoulder: 33cm
Size M: Length - 83cm, Chest: 76cm, Shoulder: 35cm

love Price: RM82 (including shipment)

MM June -03:: love Side Studded Long Tee

Length - 70cm, Chest: 80-96cm, Shoulder: 38cm
Best Fit: Size M-L (UK8-UK10)

Material: Cotton

love Price: RM53 (including shipment)


MM June -04:: love Floral Print Short Sleeve Dress

Length - 82cm, Chest: 86-96cm, Shoulder: 42cm
Best Fit: Size M-L (UK8-UK10)

love Price: RM48 (including shipment)

MM June -05:: love Flouncing Short Sleeve Blouse

Size S: Length - 54cm, Chest: 88cm, Shoulder: 37cm
Size M: Length - 55cm, Chest: 92cm, Shoulder: 38cm

Material: Cotton
Colour: Soft Green

love Price: RM50 (including shipment)

MM June -06:: love Empire Waist Maxi Dress

Length - 130cm, Chest: 80-92cm
Best Fit: Size M-L (UK8-UK10)

love Price: RM55 (including shipment)

MM June -07:: love Bowknot Embellished Pearl Earrings

Dimension: 2.1 cm
Colour: White & Blue

love Price: RM18 (including shipment)