Sunday, April 4, 2010

My White Fashion Challenge

I was approached once to bring up more "white" piece in my next collection. It was quite a challenge, as white garments have more "rules" attached to them than probably any other category of clothes. White can be trickier than any other colour and it calls attention to an area.

Yes, that's true however, we can bend the rules of wearing white - but don't break them! While wearing white, always wear flesh-coloured underwear (not white), which tends to show through. This is where we love SLOGGI!! Not only looking vibrantly sexy wearing the eco-friendly lingerie but you show your love to the WORLD!! love

Ok, ladies on the petite side, go with a fitted pair instead of a baggy fit. White jeans that have smaller pockets and detailed stitching are great for those who are J.Lo curvy. This style will give you a more proportionate look. Ladies, if you need to add curves, try tuxedo trouser style with cropped blazer in a bright colour.

Whatever white piece you decide to purchase, have fun, feel free to wear it and bring yourself a few energy bars during your search. It could take a while. love

Diva Darling Boutiquex0x0

April K-01 (Embroidery Design Long White Shirt)

Material: Cotton

Best Fit: Medium-Large (UK10-12)

Colour Available: 1 x White Floral - OUT OF STOCK!!

Price: RM48/ £17 / USD18 (including shipment)


April K-02 (Black & White Butterfly Print Dress)

Material: Cotton & Chiffon

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 85cm ; Chest: 80-84 cm

Colour Available: 2 x Black/White

Price: RM60 (including shipment)

April K-03 (White Formal Bow Blouse)

Material: Chiffon

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 54cm ; Chest: 86 cm ; Waist: 80cm

Colour Available: 1 x White/Black Bow
Price: RM58 (including shipment)

April K-04 (Spring White Embroidery Blouse)

Material: Cotton

Best Fit: Small -Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 69cm ; Chest: 80-86 cm ; Sleeve Length: 33cm

Colour Available: 1 x White Floral
Price: RM55 (including shipment)

April K-05 (Summer Lace Dress)

Material: Cotton & Lace

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 80cm ; Chest: 80-86 cm ; Waist: 74-84cm

Colour Available: 1 x Apricot White - 1 FINAL PIECE LEFT!!
Price: RM64 (including shipment)

April K-06 (Diamonte Unique Design White Dress)

Material: Cotton & Satin
Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Colour Available: 1 x White (also available in Red, Black, Grey)
Price: RM70 (including shipment)

April K-07 (Spring Silk Cotton Dress)

Material: Silk Cotton (including white halter neck tube)
Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Chest: 80-84cm ; Length: 86cm

Colour Available: 3 x Apricot Coloured with White tube
Price: RM59/ £25 / USD27 (including shipment)

April K-08 (White Flower Silky Dress)

Material: Silk (with white flower corsage)
Best Fit: Medium-Large (UK10-12)

Chest: 86cm ; Length: 83cm
Colour Available: 2 x Purple/White
Price: RM56 (including shipment)