Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mont Kiara & an afternoon with Redmummy

For the past two weekends, my Sundays have been so busy with multiple affairs, starting with early morning fun runs to Mont Kiara for the booth sale to late night work.

Given that it was a sunny day in Mont Kiara - a welcome reprieve from the previous days hard rain - its attendance quickly swelled by noon, occasionally choking up the lanes of sellers. The ethnic diversity of the Mont Kiara area is one of the greater pleasures of living here, and it shows quite vibrantly throughout the Sunrise concourse. We met friendly vendors sharing their experiences selling jewelleries and clothings. I should say, it's worth a visit at least once to wander around and take in the sights. mmm, maybe another schedule of a return visit next October??

Another exciting moment to share is, a meaningful afternoon with Redmummy. Spending the lunch time, having good conversation and Redmummy's pleasant smile and nice personality diminished the nervousness meeting her for the first time. It's been great to know her and will arrange another lunch next time I'm around in KL?

Diva Darling would like to give special thanks to Redmummy for her support and help. We dedicate this week entry to Redmummy and all her fans. Our next collection is "Redmummy Floral Dress Limited Edition" featured in love

Exclusive 3/4 sleeve with flair floral dress and trendy belt
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Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo