Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Red Contest: Week 2

Photos overflowing in our inbox this week and choosing winner now is getting really, really tough. This means all submitted photos for this contest will duel it out for the cash prize until the first week of May. Excellent work everyone!

For those who have not moved from that chair to send us their photos, you still have the time to submit yours. Encourage your friends, family or anyone you know out there to join this contest and support the Red theme!

ok dear lovely readers, catch us with more juicy stuffs next week.

Diva Darling favourite snap shot love , have a nice weekend everyone!

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo

Entry #6 love

This is my favourite family photo, in which we are in red, our family favourite colour...we were having fun in the park (putrajaya)...I love this picture, as it depicts our one happy family, of course in RED!!

Entry #7 love

The picture is my baby boy, name Ariff Shah, now age 1 year old (he celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday). The photo was taken at a public park. This is one of my favourite picture of him, and for me, he's always cuter in red outfit (in this photo, red sweater!!!)

Entry #8 love

Gambar kenangan ketika Majlis Makan Malam Sembilan anjuran Kolej ke-9 Universiti Malaya. Majlis makan malam paling elegan bertemakan Red Colour yang anggun. Merah sungguh menawan!

p/s : me with white shawl. :D

Entry #9 love

The reason I joined Diva-darling's red contest because I really love RED color.

After that, I started to search my album. OMG, I got it!! This picture was taken in Grand Ballroom Renaissance Hotel. It was the performance from my colleagues and I for celebrating our boss retirement.

Entry #10 love

"Retrospective Evolutionary Definition = RED"
RED echoes our past and our future. Who could have forgotten the bloody incident of 13 May 1969? The immense pain was unbearable because Malaya lost its flesh and blood. Now, Malaysians need to be brave in walking hands with hands to ensure a harmonious future. We need to be brave in moving forward as one.
A RED T-shirt would best symbolise the past and the future. Although we have suffered in the past, now it is time to be brave in facing the future. The RED T-shirt is simple, smart, casual, affordable yet stylish ; perfect rememberance of our roots (^.^)
Put our differences in the RED bag. Hence, we could always stand tall as a unified Malaysian. Bear in mind, united we stand, divided we fall. (",)