Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Red Contest: Week 1

Hello everyone,
This will be our first week of putting up our Red contest photos. We are so thrilled to say, we have a lot of good reviews from our readers and we appreciate your participations in this contest. It is even more challenging to pick a winner now as there are many creative and interesting photos submitted to us. Well done everyone and special thanks to Redmummy!

For a start, I chose one of my favourite photo with my two pals, Sally and Mel wearing the famous red dragon on a fancy dress birthday party last year. Hubby & I trying to get into this party (not invited obviously!) and sneaked in just to see both of my pals wearing the red dragon suit. Loving the suit, grrrr!

More photos next week, stay tune and catch up with us for our latest collection.
Have a nice weekend!

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo

Entry #1 love

Found out about this contest through Redmummy. I knew I had to jump at this chance since I love including red elements in the photos I've been taking. This is a self-portrait. I've always been fascinated with the color red especially in my photographs. The color is just so powerful and appealing, both visually, the energy and the feeling that it generates.

Red is probably one of the most strongest and most beautiful color. Roses are red, and red is the color when we bleed. The blood is the food that makes us live, that makes us feel alive. And being alive we have the chance to be in love. And being in love is the most wonderful feeling one could ever feel.

Entry #2 love

I'm a wedding planner & full time makeup artist. I ada terbaca pasal contest ni kat Since i dah pernah ambik picture pakai baju & kasut i rasa i patut cuba kan. This picture kebetulan i jadi subject u di shoot u student suami yg baru blaja ambik gambar...

Entry #3 love

Nothing beats the smile of satisfaction once you have graduated. The joy of ending a journey to start another greatly captured in this picture. This is my red moment as the wall crystallizes my feelings at my graduation day.

Entry #4 love

It was a day when we were at Bandung, Indonesia. It was a day when we decided to go off for jalan-jalan at Bandung's town. It was my second honeymoon with hubby after a long while. It was a day that I told him to snap me a photo when I feel confident to do that. It was a day when I am in a mood to be in a photo.. It was a day when I tried my new red shirt and new red scarf which I bought in Bandung itself.. It was a day when I feel glamour with these red stuff.. It was a day when we were in a hotel's room.. AND the most funniest thing is.. It was a day when I am in "red" light...ahaks...honeymoon but not honeymoon! Hubby so frustrated!!!

Entry #5

Memang tak kita semua berpakaian merah..last tengok foto baru perasan ..kira ok la..semua pakat-pakat sukakan merah termasuk la saya..kalau tak percaya, tengok ni...