Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winner of Valentine's Giveaway!

Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful comments of our Valentine's giveaway. It was nice hearing from all of you and definitely glad to know someone is actually reading what we write here!

Without further adieu, the winner of the SJP perfume gift set is ....
Miss Sweet of love (Entry #8)

The winner will be contacted via email and if we do not get reply from the winner latest 28 Feb 2010, we will pick another winner through Random Integer Generator.

Special Note to all our Valentine's Giveaway participants, do not worry. Something more to indulge as a token of our appreciation for your support and good comments. You are all entitle to receive discounts of 20% for any of our February Collections. Just choose and email us! xx

Sharing my Rio escapades and adventures , it was truly a great experience to witness a stunning setting with Sugarloaf Mountain as a backdrop, the world famous carnival, and Samba in the streets.

The city throbs to the infectious beat of Brazilian music, the choro, the samba and the bossa nova. It's annual carnival, known as 'Carnaval' draws the population of the city for the world's largest samba parade on the 'Sambodromo'.

My favourite of all is the amazing hand glides over the vibrant heart of Brazil...the Rio city and the beautiful beaches. Snippets to share with all Diva Darling fans and hugs to everyone! xx