Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb K-Runway Part 3

Last week, the weather led me into warm and sunny for a few days before crushing my spirit with snow. In celebrating the warmth, I decided to collate spring fashion with a mixture of my favourite timeless style for Diva Darling fans out there.

Spring fashion is all about pretty prints, bright colours and fresh silhouettes. Floral patterns dominated the spring/summer 2o1o runways. Floral prints are fun, feminine and cheerful, designers are going back to basics by letting women once again accentuate their feminity.

There are so many looks this season, definitely something for everyone. In such an economical situation, fashion saves the day by providing choice, brightening stores up again with patterns and throwing away the rules to allow just about everyone access to their true styles. Recession, what recession?!

Anyway my ladies, in celebrating the Rio Carnival fever next week which I'm going to indulge , I chose one of my favourite supermodel, Brazilian diva and Victoria Secret Angel to be featured in this month collection. Introducing - the beautiful and stunning Adriana Lima!

A truly beautiful collection - the essence of modern luxury.
See you soon, when I'm back! Hugs to you all,

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo

Feb K-27 (Braided Cotton Top)

I just adore this low cowl neckline and fashionable braided tassels. This is definitely an outstanding number. If you prefer not to wear low neckline but love this piece, just slip on a tank top inside. It works well to layer this braided top and it's trendy!

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton Lycra (stretchable)

Length: 63cm, Bust: 80-96cm

Sleeve width: 25cm

Colour Available: 2 x Black -OUT OF STOCK star

Price: RM45/ £15 / USD17 (including shipment)

Feb K-28 (Elegant Satin Dress)

Solid colour is always great for the classic outfit. If you want something sophisticated & professional looking, stick to a classic black & white dress or a nice cardigan. Doll it up a bit with whatever is you. It will still be classic but will be "you" when you add in pretty pearl necklace or some bright coloured beaded loop earrings.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Satin

Length: 86cm, Bust: 86cm

Colour Available: 2 x Black/Light Peach - 1 Final Piece Left!! star

Price: RM47/ £18 / USD20 (including shipment)

Feb K-29 (Stylish Rose Gem Straps Top)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton

Length: 65cm, Bust: 80-90cm, Sleeve Width: 20cm

Colour Available: 2 x Rose Red -OUT OF STOCK star

Price: RM45/ £16 / USD19 (including shipment)

Feb K-30 (Ironic Stones Vogue Cardi)

The cardigan is a must-have this spring. You should probably have a few. Variety of colours are always nice, but different styles can add more dimensions to your wardrobe as well.

Wear your cardigan over a spring dress or on top of your ruffled blouse. To look super trendy, belt your cardigan at your natural waist.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton

Length: 62cm, Bust: 76-98cm, Sleeve Width: 26cm

Colour Available: 2 x Dark Grey - OUT OF STOCK star

Price: RM48/ £18 / USD20 (including shipment)

Feb K-31 (Spring Silk Tunic with Belt)

White dresses and tunics are in for spring. The fresh airy feel of a light summer dress can never go out of style. White looks is good in any skin tone and paired with a summer tan, a white dress can make any girl stand out.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Silk

Length: 72cm, Bust: 88cm, Sleeve Length: 48cm

Colour Available: 1 x White Apricot - 1 FINAL PIECE!!

Price: RM50/ £20 / USD23 (including shipment)

Feb K-32 (Silky Rich Kimono Lace Top)

This silky soft kimono top is beautifully lined with laces. Definitely elegant and feminine. It comes with drawstrings at the hip and accencuate your figure. Perfect for all season!

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Silk

Length: 78cm, Bust: 88-100cm

Colour Available: 1 x Grey -OUT OF STOCK star

Price: RM53/ £22 / USD24 (including shipment)

Feb K-33 (Stylish Tube Wrap Dress)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex (Stretchable)

Dress Length: 83cm, Bust: 80-84cm

Colour Available: 1 x Sapphire Blue and 1 x Black

Price: RM53/ £22 / USD24 (including shipment)

Feb K-34 (Summer Floral Dress)

Sweet trendy florals make this dress decidedly now. Floral print dresses are everywhere in this season. It's a must-have in every girls closet!

Pair with flat sandals for a more casual look or a pair of sexy heels for that chic summery look. The bust area is padded and the dress comes with lining.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton

Dress Length: 85cm (exclude strap), Bust: 84-88cm

Colour Available: 1 x White and 1 x Black - 2 more pieces left!!

Price: RM52/ £20 / USD23 (including shipment)

Feb K-35 (Sapphire Blue Chiffon Top)

This sophisticated down right stunning number is suitable for the work place and even a fun-filled day out. The embellished detail at the high collar adds some glitter to this imported chiffon top. So take your pick, wear it for business or leisure, it's all in good style!

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Imported Chiffon and Cotton

Length: 56cm, Bust: 81cm, Waist: 74cm

Colour Available: 1 x Sapphire Blue - 1 FINAL PIECE LEFT!!

Price: RM63/ £19 / USD23 (including shipment)

Feb K-36 (Silk Lace Summer Top)

"Lace" is one of the staple of spring & summer fashion. The mixture of sheer lace, bows and pleats create a very feminine combination on a flirty little style of Italian silk. Personally, I like the mix and match of the sheer lace of this top with a black pencil skirt or trousers, revealing feminine yet chic and stylish sense!

Diane Von Furstenberg inspired top. Will you be wearing a billowy top this spring?

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Imported Silk

Length: 58cm, Bust: 84cm, Waist: 71cm

Sleeve Length: 56cm

Colour Available: 1 x Cream - 1 FINAL PIECE LEFT!!

Price: RM68/ £23 / USD26 (including shipment)